Friday Frenzy

Here’s a few recommendations to warm up your Friday:

  • If you want to give PRESENCE (instead of presents with a pricetag) this Christmas, check out the Advent Conspiracy

  • Here’s a way to spice up your holiday gift wrapping, if you DO choose to wrap something up, from ohjoy!
  • I just thought this was worth noting – CUPCAKES have officially passed bacon in google searches this year. This is pretty monumental, because I know people who are as loyal to both sides of this issue. Read this article for the details.
  • This is probably my favorite suggestion for today: Read this article posted at Desiring God about a divinely appointed taxi ride. Please read it – you won’t be disappointed.
    A diagram of how a hand of Nertz is set up and...
    Here's how you play a hand of Nertz!
  • I love the game Nertz. I love it. Sometimes my love for this card game causes an embarrassing amount of theatrics, but that makes me love it more. So, tonight my friend Sarah and I will endeavor to teach several students how to love the game like we do. Here is a little video sample of one family playing Nertz. I’m pretty sure you’ll love it if you try it!
  • Lastly, I just found this musician, Kenneth Padgett, via the Desiring God website. He has a project called Joy Eternal where he adapts inspiring, reformed books into song. Take a listen!

I hope your Friday is full of WONDERFUL WONDERFUL things!

let LOVE fly like CrAZzzzY

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