an overflowing kind of full

Today I had such a beautiful conference with a student. After a lot of round-a-bout talk about ways people disappoint us, we broke it down into my two favorite categories:

1. what I can control
2. what I canNOT control

It was easier to start with number 2, so we made a nice lengthy list and felt confident we weren’t leaving much out. Then, we agreed all our worry and anxiety over what we canNOT control is only creating more worry and anxiety because (of course) we can’t change it.

THEN my favorite part: we talked about all the wonderful things we can control and how powerful those things can be. We can control what we think of people, how we respond to people, what we say to people, how we look at people, and also what we think, say, feel about ourselves… we went on for awhile discovering what is in the realm of our control before I asked her how in the world she could have the power to choose these things if she knew she wouldn’t receive the same in return.

She fumbled a bit. (And I did, too, honestly. It was one of those I’m-counseling-you-but-I’m-getting-alot-out-of-this-too moments.)

I asked, “Who fills you up so you can do all those things you just said? It’s true you can control what comes out, but how?”

In the oh-so-typical response, she said, “God.”

Something clicked in that moment and I got really excited. Yes! God does promise us life abundant (John 10:10) – an overflowing life – when we come to drink from the well of Living Water (Isaiah 55:1).

When we come to Him and ask to be filled He doesn’t mess around. He doesn’t measure things out and make sure we’re filled just up to the brim. He doesn’t even bother with showing off His sweet design of hydrogen bonding (you know, when water bulges on the top of your glass but doesn’t spill over).

what happens when hydrogen bonds in water

When God fills us it is ALWAYS an overflowing kind of full.

always an overflowing kind of full

God offers everything we need for life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3). His is the only Love great enough to give without hope of receiving. When we choose to seek Him and be filled, our lives will always, always spill over with a Love greater than our selfish desire to be loved in return. The overflow will bless everyone within our reach and our joy in seeing His Love touch others will only motivate us to go back and be (over)filled again!

I can truly say my heart was encouraged as much as hers when we parted. This student is a gem, to be sure.

And you? are you going to the ONLY place offering true, overflowing life? You do know that is the only way you can

let LOVE fly like cRaZy

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