thank you, for giving to the Lord

There was a Ray Boltz song that my dad really liked called, “Thank you.” Actually, I think I might have sung it with him once or twice. Today, I thought of that song as I made this video with my students who are going on the mission trip on March 6-13. Each of these students have stories of lives changed by someone’s willingness to share the message of the Gospel. Now, they are taking that hope and boldly walking in faith to share the message with communities around them. We are so thankful for sponsors and support from our teaching staff and community here, but we couldn’t figure out how to express our gratitude for the ones far away. This specific video is a thank you to the church in little Atlantic, Iowa… where the people have hearts WAY bigger than the town!

I hope your heart is as warm as mine after hearing their grateful hearts! These kids are such a beautiful reminder that God is forever moving and working in our hearts to bless others. Each time I hear their testimonies or witness their crazy lives in motion, I praise God for his faithfulness. There are other sponsors as well, from both the States and here and we continue to be so thankful for God’s provision through them!!

3 thoughts on “thank you, for giving to the Lord

  1. Wow! How great to see the faces and hear the voices of those going on the mission trip!! Thank you for the video! It made me cry!! I am praying for you all and know the LORD will bless you and those you minister to!!

  2. Debbie!!!
    Thanks so much for your prayers – God is ever faithful in answering them! I wish you could see the joy and energy during mission trip meetings 🙂 I hope you could see how beautiful these kids are… the Lord’s reflection in them is unmistakable!

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