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Today seemed like a good day to come across random (but extremely useful) information. I can’t help but share it with you!

  • Here is a very good article that showed up in the Wall Street Journal titled, “Where Have the Good Men Gone?” I could write endless posts about this and all the irony I find subtly peeking out from behind the words. Really? Women are asking this question after fighting so hard to have incredibly lower expectations for the opposite sex? With the popularity of Knocked Up and Sex and the City, are we really surprised?
  • This video is a clip from the film “Expelled” with Ben Stein. I wrote about this film when I first found it, but I like this clip for how it reveals the confusion we face today in the academic arena.
  • This article reminds me of the good old days at Hope College with Professor Herrick and the Rhetoric class I loved so much! Here, Tim Challies writes a short history of communication and directs our thoughts to critically examining the development of sending, receiving, and storing messages through language.
  • I like to hold a book in my hand. I’m sorry for those who have tried to convince me to go the way of the digital… you will always fail. This author had a, let’s just say, “come to pages” moment where she realized how flipping a page is an experience. Go ahead and read it, all you haters of the old fashioned book. 🙂
  • This article from freakonomics is too good to pass up. If any high-brow coast dweller ever questioned the intelligence of those living in the breadbasket, this is proof positive we can hold our own…. well, in Kansas…. in 1895, that is. This is an 8th grade test. See how well you do!
  • I was baptized as a baby in the Lutheran church, but in 2nd grade my family moved to the Evangelical Free denomination and by 20 I wanted to make my own decision to be baptized. So, I was baptized twice. Some denominations won’t even perform the second baptism. For these reasons and others, I am glad to read do a little research. I want to know where I stand so I will be able to make informed decisions about what I believe about baptism. Here is a great article I found over at The Gospel Coalition blog called, “Should We Baptize Small Children? Yes”

I am so, so very tired right now. It’s one of those tired feelings that I should have shaken hours ago by BEING in BED. So, with that I’ll sign off tonight!

let LOVE fly like cRazY

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