give yourself away

Today was a day that made living “a la orden” (see also here and here) a beautiful, precious gift! I sang a few songs at an all-school assembly this morning and then picked up a trumpet for a third. The band teacher, Dave, is pretty good about affirming gifts in other people… and when he found out I could play trumpet a few years ago, he hasn’t let me forget it’s a gift I should be sharing. And I can say I’m glad he hasn’t!

Then I had several conversations in my office where I said several times, “I’m going to be honest, okay?” and I just got down to the nitty gritty and it was completely received on the other end. Lately, I’ve been asking for recommendation letters from colleagues and several of them mentioned my abilities to meet students where they are. With that kind of affirmation, I’ve got to make it available… and when I do, it’s like EVERYBODY wins! I’m using my gifts (God-given), students are getting blessed, and God is getting the glory!

So then, there’s this other ability people have pointed out called “you’re crazy!” ….. Don’t laugh! I really do think it’s a gift!! I get SO much energy when people revel in joy. It’s CONTAGIOUS. Anyway, people call it different things, “ability to relate,” “crazy,” “energetic,” “young” … and, well, I’ve got to use that gift to the glory of the Lord, right? Because it’s only him that’s allowed me to be so willing (at the cost of awkwardness and embarrassment) to go all out in search of joy! Tonight we did just that. Our plans changed a zillion times, but the mission trip kids (after riding down the mountain in the back of a truck) ended up in the mall doing a scavenger hunt of my devising. We arrived out of breath and sweaty at our final destination with hilarious stories and pictures to share.

I LOVE IT. I seriously LOVE being available and not because I feel so important, but because I know anything good in me is the Lord. Anything I have worth sharing is the Lord’s … I am not my own! And when I share the gifts He’s given, I receive SUCH JOY and blessing to see Him at work!

Today is a day for rejoicing! In terms of routine and calendar, we were a bit early to be blaring “Because He Lives” from our trumpets this morning at the all-school assembly. But in terms of the Truth of Christ’s power over the grave we were every bit right on time. I love to proclaim with my whole heart God’s victory over the grave because it is my victory as well. I am a conqueror and co-heir with Christ … so I will be joyful in victory and joyfully available to share my gifts so that His victory over the grave might be boldly proclaimed! It’s truly more blessed to give yourself away.

Today marks the beginning of Semana Santa and I can’t wait to see what other joys the Lord has in store!

let LOVE fly like cRaZy!

Several of my students have a new “favorite” song and I am equally joyful at its truth as I am at their excitement about it! It’s a perfect preparation for this week:

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