Tuesday Links

What will become of the library? This article by author and social change expert Seth Godin helps us navigate the evolving landscape of information systems. It’s not as “doomsday” as I thought… actually there is much hope for the library, if we understand and value the unique need it fills.

As long as we’re talking about books, check out this survey Tim Challies posted on his blog. The results are more than surprising… and worth a look. Here’s a sneak peek:

This article from the Gospel Coalition, “Making All Things New (Not all New Things)” by Pastor Tullian is such an encouragement. I can never be reminded of this too often.

I love this article, “The Sorting Table,” from the Curator about the grape harvest in Australia, even though sadness hangs over it like a blanket. It reminds me of my reflection about time inevitable march forward.

This article, “God of the Impossible,” from the Gospel Coalition is finally an example of what I’ve been trying to explain. Everyone takes in theology everyday. Maybe we don’t call it that and maybe we do, but the point is: we choose to expose our minds to certain beliefs, which in turn form a foundation on which to believe or filter everything else. There is no “throw away” knowledge. Every action has a reaction and every thought triggers another thought. The author, David Schrock, was persuaded by the first theologian who found a place on his night stand. For some people, the first theologian is Kierkegaard, others Donald Miller, and still others Martin Lloyd-Jones. What I love about this article is the beautiful reminder that theology is the study of God and we must remember that He is sovereign. I firmly believe that what we decide to think about, read, believe, discuss influences our theology… but I also believe God is sovereign and working in the midst of our human decisions. I praise God for that!

So, there’s a guy predicting the world will end on Saturday. This is Cal Thomas’s response in World Magazine.

Here is a great video from John Piper on Jesus’ strategy in Samaria. Piper says this story is in the Bible to encourage us in our pluralistic society.

This is the video that sparked my reflection on Kyrie Eleison yesterday – a promo for Fernando Ortega‘s new album. Beautiful.

I also LOVE this video from Alan Hirsch about how Christians are risk averse. We are too comfortable and it is hurting the Church.

Lastly, the film “Tree of Lifedebuted this morning at the Cannes Festival and here’s what people are saying, via The Search blog. This makes me even MORE excited to see this film! I have to admit, because of Brett McCracken‘s slight obsession, I am intrigued by Terrence Malick as a director and as a person.

Okay, that’s enough linkage for now.

Have a GREAT Tuesday – let LOVE fly like cRaZy!

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