compel my heart to sing

Compel is a pretty serious word.
It means, “to drive or urge forcefully or irresistibly.”
What are you compelled to do? What is so irresistible that you can’t NOT do it (I realize that’s a double negative, but it’s necessary).
It’s crazy – something outside a person has power enough to change not just actions, but desires. This isn’t always a good thing. When I was little, my four siblings and I had to make up a rule (one of many), “No singing at the table.” Strange? Yes, but every bit necessary in order to prevent a five way battle for the melody. More than likely, the rule came about because one or more of us felt “compelled” to sing a certain song a certain way to aggravate a certain sibling.
The good kind of compelled? What happened when I looked out the window this morning and saw the sun dancing on rusty leaves – SONG! God’s beauty in creation has a way of compelling the hardest of hearts on the hardest of days into sweet song.
I hope this day is that for you!
let LOVE fly like cRaZy

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