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Here’s another batch of links that wouldn’t be a waste of time (in my opinion).

  • If you’re like me, you’ve wondered a time or two if there is a way to discern what to do or not do in the next phase of your life… and what God wants you to do and how you can find that out. Well, here’s a good start. “How to know the will of God” by Tim Challies is actually part of a series that you should definitely read.
  • So, apparently the new iphone is CRAZY awesome. So much so that movies (REAL movies) are ’bout to be made with it. Check out the comparison of the new iphone with a Canon 5D MKII (a really good camera).
  • I always like to give musical suggestions and I don’t mind if you don’t share my taste. Take it or leave it, I’ve been enjoying the The Steel Wheels recently and think you might too. You can get an album for free at Noisetrade!
  • Are you into watercolor? Or maybe you just know good art when you see it? You should check out my good friend Natalie Groves. She writes a blog on the painting process and you can see some of her pieces. If you liked the movie Miss Potter, you’ll LOVE her style and stories! Here’s one of my faves:
  • If you’re getting stuck when you start thinking about what you could make for Christmas gifts, here’s a good place to start: Pinterest. Check out this list for Christmas DIY.
  • I read an article awhile back, an interview actually with Alisa Harris, author of the recent book, “Raised Right.” She grew up in a very fundamental Christian home and the book is about her journey untangling her faith from politics as she grew older. She is now married on the East Coast and still holds to her Christian values without being ultra-conservative like her parents. Of course, I haven’t read it but I would be so interested to see what she has to say.
  • This article by Paul David Tripp seems especially poignant in my current life phase. Read, “5 Reasons God Calls us to Wait” and let me know if you think the reasons are good enough to put us through the waiting ringer. 🙂
  • This link is the ultimate downer, so be prepared. The Atlantic published the article “World War II: The Holocaust” and with it a collection of photos. As hard as it is to view, it’s a reminder of human depravity and despair.
  • I don’t have children yet, but when I do they will NOT have a TV in their bedroom. “In the Danger Zone: Raising our Children in the Age of the Screen” is an article from Albert Mohler that should scare us out of the nasty habit of having the television on.
  • And last, because I want to end on a funny note, check out this Rowan Atkinson skit. It’s hilarious. Good, old fashioned comedy right there.
Happy Monday, folks!

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