one FINE day

Remember that movie, One Fine Day?

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Well, yesterday was about as FINE as it could get! I spent the whole day laughing with and talking and listening and dreaming with a very special Honduran someone. She reminded me of all the reasons God filled me up to be poured out during my time in Honduras.

It was amazing to introduce her to a few aunts and uncles and cousins and see her fit right in. She sensed right away our bond through Christ and His love and I’m so thankful! My family does an AMAZING job of showing love. I can’t wait for the big thanksgiving extravaganza in a few weeks! This was ONE fine day – imagine what several will be like with friends and family gathered up to celebrate the many blessings we have!

let LOVE fly like cRaZy

2 thoughts on “one FINE day

  1. I remember One Fine Day I had similar to this one, back in college. My best friend Mackenzie and I went to see a movie (I cant even remember which one) and then we walked outside I remember the sun was shining on my face. Then we spent our time practicing our Ninja moves all the way home. It made me feel so alive! Check out Mackenzie’s blog she is an amazing illustrator:

    1. Ah! So great to share those moments! I did check out your friend’s blog and her illustrations are fantastic!! Thanks for sharing!

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