this & that

It’s like powdered sugar, this snow.
Deliciously winter.

My list is long of to-dos today, but here are some things worth the clicks. I haven’t posted this & that for a while, so I hope you still remember what to do with these links (click).

I found Jeremy Larson by way of his creative wife, who has a vintage store in Missouri and blogs on the web. I really appreciated his style and the stories behind the songs. He just re-vamped his website and you can stream his latest CD, They Reappear. He’s a cellist. His full-time job right now is writing string arrangements for bands and producing music (whoa). That right there is legit.

Are you a doubter? Join the crowd…  of everyone. What do we do when the people around us struggle with the faith, with believing and not seeing? This article over at the Gospel Coalition, “Dealing with the Doubting,” is really helpful in giving some practical tools.

Wow. Check out this video. Just click right now and watch it.

I’m a big fan of discernment, but sometimes the word gets thrown around and it seems less-than-useful. I appreciate Michael Horton’s article, “Making Necessary Distinctions: The Call to Discernment” because it puts contemporary controversies in perspective. He writes, “Sometimes we treat contemporary controversies as if we were the first to encounter them. Unaware of the discussions and debates that forged Christian consensus in the past, we often treat controversies as if we were the first to encounter them. Starting from scratch, we often end up with our own lopsided confusion of things that ought to be distinguished and separation of things that ought to be held together.” He goes on to tackle three controversies and how to think through them.

It’s been too long, but the Lord of the Rings movie will come out this year! Here is the trailer:

Lastly, I enrolled for a second time in the Perspectives class. It’s only been one week and I’m crazy with blessings from it. The Lord so desires that we know his heart for the nations! You should check it out to see if there is a class starting in your area!

Okay, friends. I hope you are enjoying the snow today if you’re anywhere near it. Do me a favor and look kindly on it – respect the power and beauty in those little flakes.

and as always,
let LOVE fly like cRaZy

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