Today is pretty regular.

work job #1
go for a run against the wind so I don’t have to shower
work job #2
run errands

I’ve always packed my schedule airtight and then fought for space to dream between the scheduled lines. Today, on my between-works-run I started to think about all the things I pass over because it would inconvenience me (if I’m looking to add anything to my packed day, it better not be inconvenient).

I pounded the ground and wondered about my selfishness. Some of the most pressing needs of those around me will make my life most inconvenient. Those are also usually the most blessed encounters.

I hope I can train my brain to look for the inconvenient ways I can serve others and be willing to do those with a joyful heart. In the end, “inconvenient” is just another way I look to serve myself instead of others around me. I want to be like Timothy, who took a genuine interest in the welfare of others (Philippians 2:20).

My guess is that Timothy was inconvenienced like we wouldn’t believe. I want to be more like that.

Today is pretty regular.
How can I train my heart to look for ways to make it irregular by serving – even if it means inconvenience?

let LOVE fly like cRaZy

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