breathing in moments

As I walked Ellie today, I was especially aware of our pace. Ellie was trying to tell me that “walking the dog” isn’t meant to be rushed.

So, we went through the alleyways and peeked in backyards. That’s where real life happens, you know – in backyards. That’s where people tuck things, store things, and create things. That’s where experiments happen and “Marco Polo” is shouted from different hiding places.

Every once in awhile, Ellie pulled at the leash until I let her squirm in the shade while I soaked in the sun.

We breathed in the moments today, Ellie and me.

And I think these songs were playing in my heart.

3 thoughts on “breathing in moments

  1. Thanks for walking Ellie for us, Caroline! Glad she got you out for a walk, too! Love from Mexico 🙂

  2. I really enjoyed those songs. Straight from the Psalms! I wish I had those songs going in my head instead of the ones we are doing for our concert. “Uh oh Uh oh stucka like glue….”
    Groan……………School is almost over!

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