my car smells like a freshly showered man

I originally ventured into the automotive section at Walmart because my grandpa told me that a product called, “automotive goop” would remedy the flappy piece of fabric hanging from the door of my car. Of course, he told me to go to O’Reilly’s, but I didn’t have anything else to pick up at an Auto Parts store, so I opted to make it one of many things I could accomplish in one place (ever the efficient go-getter).

Somehow, after wandering the aisles for several minutes and not finding this “goop” product (and, frankly, questioning the existence of such a product), I came to a familiar conclusion: my time in the automotive section would not be wasted. And that’s when I saw the air fresheners. I’ve actually been meaning to pick up air freshener for my car (I had a little episode with ham and bean soup and another with coffee), but it was never at the top of my list.

The number of scents was overwhelming: fresh linen, citrus sunshine, new car scent, alpine meadow, summer breeze. I got impatient and went with “titanium rain.” I thought – who could go wrong with rain scent? I love rain!

Well, turns out, they should have called it, “a mix between old spice and irish spring that smells like a freshly showered man.”

The thriftress in me refuses to choose another scent and waste $2.53, so it’ll just be another thing that brings out the gauche in me. Just so you know, if you see me driving eddie (my little honda) wafting in the fresh air with all the windows down, it’s to balance out the smell of a freshly showered man inside my car.

Come on and laugh with me, will you?

let LOVE fly like cRaZy

And if you’re wondering, I ended up finding the “goop” product at Hobby Lobby when I was looking for something else and have since handy-manned that flappy fabric problem like a pro. 

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