the chase

Isn’t it funny how little ones love to have someone run after them? Very few kids turn down the chance to be caught and smothered in hugs and giggles. They may act like they want to escape, but they can’t hide their excitement about being wrapped up at the end of the chase.

Oh, the chase!
Don’t we love it when someone seeks us out to show us love – when someone chases us down just to collapse with us into giggles?

Today, I was babysitting a little one with a fever and I couldn’t tell if his laughter was delirious or if he just loved the game that much. When we weren’t snuggling or singing, I would hide behind the coffee table and say, “I’m… gonna… get… you!” When my head appeared from whatever direction, he would burst into a fit of giggles that I couldn’t resist.

I would join in and admire his dimples.

And then we’d do it all over again.

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