the world has lost its integrity

I was talking with my brother tonight (in the moments I could peel my eyes from the USA women’s gymnastics team) and he said something that dropped like granite over the cell phone waves.

“Care, it’s like the world has lost its integrity. What do we even do about that?”

We were talking about health insurance and welfare and the spirit of entitlement and somehow we got around to integrity. That was when my brother told me that the world doesn’t have any – it’s lost.

That’s heavy.

I don’t know if I said it like this, but I thought it, “Yes, the world has no integrity… but I wonder if what we do is, with the power only our salvation provides, what we do is have integrity.”

We can’t change systems or government structures or the way both can be manipulated by ‘entitled’ people.  We can, however, be people of integrity who are transformed by the power of a structure outside of earthly invention. We can offer an honest handshake in an honest business deal because we are not governed by earthly ambitions. Not because we are so great or enlightened or advanced, but because God is so great.

Because God is so great (and gracious), the world has hope of integrity.
Because God is so great, our disgrace does not have to be the end of us.
Because God is so great, integrity can be found.

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