Death in His Grave

Whoa-oa. Whoa-o-o-oa.

Just a string of sad days here in the middle of Iowa and “whoa-o-oa” is about all I want to sing. It’s just not getting better – the circumstances, I mean.

The bad news just keeps coming and it feels like death. It feels like thick, heavy, black death.


So, how is it that my soul can again feel light and breathe freedom? Honestly, today I wondered. I was clinging to God’s promises through tears… but still clinging.

There was once a death that killed death. The death that my sin deserved was nailed to the only One undeserving of wrath so that the debt could be paid and I could be free. God sent Jesus to feel the full weight of His wrath and to embrace the full victory of His glory. 

Christ stepped into the place of wrath where we should have stood so that we can step into the place of light where He now stands.


God sent Jesus, who buried death in His grave.


I’ll sing when it feels like death because Jesus buried death in His grave and then He rose again.

4 thoughts on “Death in His Grave

  1. Caroline, what a great, challenging, and encouraging post. Even if you’ve heard it a hundred times before, there are days it just strikes you in a new way, especially with Easter around the corner. Thank you for sharing! And thanks for finding my blog. I look forward to reading more of your blog =)

    1. Niki,

      Thanks for your sweet comments! Yes – the gospel is always a deeper well, even if we dig every day we will not reach the bottom. His grace is sufficient and even overwhelms the needs of this moment and that is the joy I cling to! I’m excited to read up on what the Lord is doing in your life/work/ministry! Keep on keeping on!

    1. Clinging to promises is the name of the every day game for this girl! Thanks for the encouragement and for stopping by!

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