walking together

My Gram wrote me an email a couple days ago, when I posted “the long walk.” Her words are sweet and honest – only well-lived years can grow this kind of tenderness.

I really enjoyed your blog about the Long Walk.  I could also write a novel on my long walk.  It seems Joe and I reminisce (I had to look that up) a lot about our LONG  WALK.  We each remember different things.  Sometimes we remember the same story in two different ways.  But, we still remember.  And it is important that we talk about THOSE times.  It shows that our memories are still there and we can enjoy the results of some of those years. 

She won’t think her words are anything special, but I do. Yes, Gram, it is important that we talk about the things we remember together – those precious times of shared experience that knit our lives in ways they can’t be torn apart.

Do you know why I think this is so wonderful?

Because those interwoven moments that feel like magic were planned in the mind of our Creator. He made us to experience life in community. He designed us to see the same sunset with different sets of eyes and then to grow our wonder by sharing what we see.

Sometimes I wonder what stories I’ll tell when I’m old (if God’s grace stretches my years). I wonder about the things I’ll remember and who will be woven into the stories. Then I giggle to myself because I could never have planned all the ways God fills my little world with delight. I do know that He will always be my greatest treasure and that I will always be excited to share that experience.

How is your life weaving with others today?

let LOVE fly like cRaZy

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