in the middle of things

It’s easier to say “Nevermind.”

This afternoon is looking like stacks of files and a printer on overdrive. I’m going through the motions, pushing through for the coffee and my favorite clients on the other side of this afternoon.

Today needs a lot of preaching because I’ve never learned a lesson that sticks forever. In this case, less than 24 hours exhausted my memory. I need to hear Truth over and over again – in the middle of paper stacks and in between the email reports of my mom’s hospital stay, in the craigslist circus of selling everything and in the hunt for a cheap roundtrip ticket for an interview, in the late night prayer sessions with a friend and in all those moments when people ask, “How are you doing with everything?” and I just want to say “Nevermind.”

If I’m not hearing Truth, I’m hearing something else.

Truth is hope enough, grace enough, and love enough to completely cover the things I’m currently “in the middle of” and even to overwhelm them with plenty.

The question is not whether that is true. The question is, “Do I believe it?”

Sometimes, you preach truth to yourself relentlessly, believing God in the middle of and in between all the ways it doesn’t feel true.

let LOVE fly like cRaZy

2 thoughts on “in the middle of things

  1. “If I’m not hearing Truth, I’m hearing something else.” One of the most beneficial things I have learned through the years is to process everything through the filter of God. Life bombards us with so much that is trivial yet I have found it can be redeemed. Every once in awhile I challenge my kids to give me any thought they can think up so that I can practice turning it around to a spiritual thought. Takes a little practice but it can be done! Blessings!

    1. Kris,
      Thanks so much for reading and for sharing your thoughts! I agree that we have to process things through God as our filter, otherwise our perspectives are so skewed. Awesome to hear that you are trying to put that filter into practice with your kids – keep it up!

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