Manos Extendidas

MEH endeavours through short-term missions to assist the international global church family in fulfilling the Great Commission by instilling a passion in each short-term missionary for lifetime involvement in world missions.

This is a word from the director, Alvin:

The call of our hearts is to the needy and abandoned children of Honduras. Needy being those that live in impoverished homes and abandoned being those that live on the street, although many on the street are simply there attempting to escape the poverty and physical and/or sexual abuse they experience at home.

Our vision involves going to the kids on the streets, loving them in Jesus’ name and helping them to realize Jesus loves them and their lives are valuable. This takes instilling vision, goals and desires into them, letting them know that they are somebody and they can realize their potential.

For those who desire a difference in their lives, we have a trades school program where they are encouraged to attend. We stress education as the doorway to opportunity. Their participation at the trades school is an indicator of a willingness to change. During the months of the program, we focus on leading them to Christ and getting them reunited with their family(ies); Mal. 4:5-6. According to Acts 19:9-10, the gospel was spread throughout Asia by men who heard Paul and the disciples witness while studing at the school of Tyrannus.

Because we believe according to Acts 2:17, we stand by every needy and abandoned child possible to be an extension of God’s hands to those who turn to him, and conduct crusades teaching youth and children seminars in various churches around the country.

Here is the link for the ministry Manos Extendidas.

Manos Extendidas old webpage
Manos Extendidas new webpage

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