Micah Project

“The Micah Project is a non-profit organization in TegucigalpaHonduras which has two group homes for young men and boys, an outreach to street children and a variety of other ministries to the neediest people in our city.  The young men in our group homes, all of whom spent anguished childhoods on the streets or in impoverished homes, are now learning to become Christian leaders through discipleship, formal education, and opportunities to serve others who are in need.

Our goal is to support these young men as they learn to “act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with their God” (Micah 6:8).  As you meet these special young men and the other people to whom we minister and learn about what they have accomplished through the support of the Micah Project, we believe that you  will be blessed by the way God has moved in their lives and in the lives of the many people they have touched.”

The above is from their website, info below.

As a volunteer for Micah Project, I was just so blessed to hang around and watch the Lord work. I know what I offered was so little and what I gained was so great, but I hope the small connections brought God glory nonetheless (and that connecting you to this work will do the same).

While I lived and worked in Tegucigalpa, I tried to connect my students with the cause of the young homeless in the city. We held several sleep-out events to raise money for Micah Project. I also kind of coordinated an informal soccer program where the Micah Project soccer team scrimmaged with my school, which was an opportunity for both teams to improve their skills while interacting with peers from a different social class.

My favorite part of my involvement in Micah Project was the opportunity to worship on Sunday night at the Micah house, where the boys live. We sang together, prayed together, and read Scripture together and it was one of the most authentic times during my week.

Here are links for the Micah Project:
Blog: www.micahcentral.blogspot.com
Website: www.micahcentral.org

You can also find them on facebook, where they post a picture of the day and frequently update on prayer requests.

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