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I like ampersands. I know – I’m probably behind on this trendy little piece of typographical genius, but I really do like how they look and what they do. Ampersands connect things. There’s even a blog dedicated to finding one for each day of the year: 300&65 Ampersands.

Anyway, since I’ve been away for awhile, you can imagine the backlog of links and suggestions I have! I’ll try to not overwhelm you … but I’m going to start publishing them under the “this & that” tag, so you can search ’em all if you like.

  • I appreciate Makoto Fujimara so much for his art, but also for his boldness in suggesting art and Christianity can very much be topics in the same conversation (in fact, should be). Here is a recent clip for Qideas where he talks about Beauty and Culture.
  • The Justice Conference has got some crazy big names all over it. What do you think about this buzzwordy gathering?
  • My friend Jace Yarbrough just starting writing over at Humane Pursuits and I’m sure you’ll appreciate his bright mind as you read through his thoughts on work in his article, “Work, Part I: In Defense of Brass Polishing”
  • Generous Justice – an idea from a guy I really admire (Tim Keller) – was one of the post-conference topics at the Gospel Coalition this year. I think he hits on a pretty difficult dichotomy we’ve created within Christianity today. Watch this video where he explains.
  • I’m a fan of this list that reminds us about what is done (indicatives) and what there is to do (imperatives) from Galatians. Take a look and be refreshed and motivated!Well, there’s that – now throw some this & that my way from your own reserves!

I think I like ampersands because something has got to come after every one.

Tuesday Links

What will become of the library? This article by author and social change expert Seth Godin helps us navigate the evolving landscape of information systems. It’s not as “doomsday” as I thought… actually there is much hope for the library, if we understand and value the unique need it fills.

As long as we’re talking about books, check out this survey Tim Challies posted on his blog. The results are more than surprising… and worth a look. Here’s a sneak peek:

This article from the Gospel Coalition, “Making All Things New (Not all New Things)” by Pastor Tullian is such an encouragement. I can never be reminded of this too often.

I love this article, “The Sorting Table,” from the Curator about the grape harvest in Australia, even though sadness hangs over it like a blanket. It reminds me of my reflection about time inevitable march forward.

This article, “God of the Impossible,” from the Gospel Coalition is finally an example of what I’ve been trying to explain. Everyone takes in theology everyday. Maybe we don’t call it that and maybe we do, but the point is: we choose to expose our minds to certain beliefs, which in turn form a foundation on which to believe or filter everything else. There is no “throw away” knowledge. Every action has a reaction and every thought triggers another thought. The author, David Schrock, was persuaded by the first theologian who found a place on his night stand. For some people, the first theologian is Kierkegaard, others Donald Miller, and still others Martin Lloyd-Jones. What I love about this article is the beautiful reminder that theology is the study of God and we must remember that He is sovereign. I firmly believe that what we decide to think about, read, believe, discuss influences our theology… but I also believe God is sovereign and working in the midst of our human decisions. I praise God for that!

So, there’s a guy predicting the world will end on Saturday. This is Cal Thomas’s response in World Magazine.

Here is a great video from John Piper on Jesus’ strategy in Samaria. Piper says this story is in the Bible to encourage us in our pluralistic society.

This is the video that sparked my reflection on Kyrie Eleison yesterday – a promo for Fernando Ortega‘s new album. Beautiful.

I also LOVE this video from Alan Hirsch about how Christians are risk averse. We are too comfortable and it is hurting the Church.

Lastly, the film “Tree of Lifedebuted this morning at the Cannes Festival and here’s what people are saying, via The Search blog. This makes me even MORE excited to see this film! I have to admit, because of Brett McCracken‘s slight obsession, I am intrigued by Terrence Malick as a director and as a person.

Okay, that’s enough linkage for now.

Have a GREAT Tuesday – let LOVE fly like cRaZy!

bits and pieces

This week has made itself available for much reading and I have certainly taken advantage! I’m flipping real pages, but I can’t give you links for those. So, here’s some bits and pieces of the online variety. Enjoy!

This Holy week timeline is super helpful in figuring out the wheres and whens.

Check out this interview with Joe Thorn, author of Note to Self, on the Gospel Coalition website. Do you preach to yourself? Or do you listen to yourself? This is the question Thorn asks, in the tradition of the Puritan pastor Lloyd-Jones.

Do we really have to use a qualifier? Too often, Christians think there is art and then there is Christian art. This is more than strange because for centuries Christians or non-Christians could express themselves creatively and everyone called it art. I really appreciate this article that takes the unnecessary qualifier to task. There is no such thing as Christian art .

This article cannot be more timely after I just finished up a study on David with a friend. I love this reminder, as we look at the actions of a fearful Adonijah, “There is no need to run and hide when God has come near to us in Christ. We have been laid hold of by the one who has truly become the mercy seat. We are Christ’s and Christ is God’s.” Check it out at the Gospel Coalition blog, written by a guy who is pretty close to my hometown in Iowa!

So, this guy John Mark McMillan is pretty cool. Check out this Death in His Grave commentary. The explanation of this song gives even more meaning and depth to an already soul-searching musical tale. I currently have this song on replay and it’s like victory every time it plays.

Do you have any bits and pieces to add?

let LOVE fly like cRaZy

some things for Saturday

Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) in Chicago...
This is beautiful Chicago, where the Gospel Coalition conference happened this past week.

Last night I either had a really bad, really realistic dream… or I had some serious digestive problems. I won’t go into details (because you can still hope it was a dream) but apparently I got it all figured out in my sleep because I felt better this morning.

Today was my long run day. I say that like I’m on some kind of “plan” or something and I’m not. But, I kind of make up my own “plan” based on what I read on Runner’s World and how much my joints complain. It’s not scientific or anything, but saying it’s a “plan” makes it seem more official. Something I am realizing about 5 miles is that anything before 1 mile never feels awesome. I spend the first mile convincing myself running 5 is a good idea. Luckily, today I had Alistair Begg‘s incredible accent to accompany my steady stride.

I’m listening to all the speakers from the recent Gospel Coalition conference in Chicago you can find all the audio for FREE here but if you wait, I’m sure there will be video as well. I am impatient and convinced I’ll need to hear/see them twice anyway. I LOVE learning because it simultaneously expands my knowledge while giving me the distinct awareness that I know nothing! I know I’m not the only one thrilled about it either… so that makes me feel pretty good.

So, I’ve been listening to Keller, Mohler, Begg, Carson, Piper, and the others who were gathered in Chicago to treasure the Gospel in the Old Testament together. I just wish I could process through some of it … but I know God will provide those conversations in good time.

I have some pretty ambitious goals for books this week – I am almost too scared to write them down for fear I won’t finish. But, I will anyway: Competent to Counsel by Jay E. Adams, A King’s Cross by Tim Keller, revisit Dug Down Deep by Josh Harris, revisit Calvin (A heart for devotion, doctrine, and doxology), and chip away a bit more at the excerpts from the writings of people who influenced C.S. Lewis.

In addition, I’m going to crank out a newsletter – hopefully one that will have a special edition for the mission trip, which is a long time coming.

In the meantime, here’s a few videos you might enjoy:

I found the Jesus Storybook Bible read aloud recently and HAVE to share it! Seriously, take a minute to check it out and if you have kids, I’m sure they will love it. It’s a great way to share the story of Jesus with them this season!


Here is an amazing time-lapse video that I hope will add a bit of awe and wonder to your night/day.

and lastly, a strange tangent. Is the adage “less is more” really true? What if the whole world was edited to give a certain experience? Check out this article from a brand blog I’ve been reading lately.

alright, folks. don’t forget to

let LOVE fly like cRaZy

Tomorrow is another day of celebration! As we prepare to remember His death, it is with the beautiful knowledge that He also conquered it!

Saturday CLICKS

I’m trying to take it easy this morning… gathering last minute details, watching a sermon, getting a workout in, and some intentional time set apart for reading after my bags have been packed for the week. So, instead of writing a monstrous post about last-day preparations for the mission trip next week, I just wanted to post some links. Have at it and enjoy your Saturday!!

Most typical person – I am still not sure how I found this, but it was interesting to read. Somehow, the National Geographic has come up with the “most typical person” … but they project this person will change in the next few years. Apparently, he will be from India instead of China.

Libya and migrant workers – I am trying to keep up on the conflict in Africa, but with every news story I just feel more frustrated or sad or helpless. This is an article about the migrant workers who have no place to go (because they likely fled a country where they were in danger).

Keller on the Importance of Hell – Of all the posts that are flying around about Rob Bell’s new book, there are many I would suggest. I like Keller’s writing because I think it stands solely on the Word. He very reasonably and calmly lays out the importance of hell in the Gospel message and Who says it is important.

Newest Late Night Snack – This is just random… apparently Ben and Jerry’s unveiled a new ice cream flavor in honor of Jimmy Fallon’s late night show spot. Get this: it has potato chips in/on it! They have heard the desperate cries of those who can’t choose between salty and sweet! Haha.

Adjustment Bureau review – I just appreciated this review of an upcoming movie. I don’t see a lot of films, but I like to think critically about them when I do.

Reviews of Children’s books – This is such a cool site that helps us weed through the massive amounts of children’s literature these days. I am not a teacher, but I hope to be a very aware mom someday. I think I’ll be using this site a lot!

PJ Cockrell writes about Keller’s book, “King’s Cross” – How many times have you gone to church and walked out with a good helping of moral advice? That’s the problem… Keller says the Gospel is not advice – it’s NEWS. Partly because I wish I was reading this book and partly because I love where Cockrell takes his thoughts, I really appreciated this post.

Gospel Coalition Conference 2011 – I am really, really struggling with how much I want to go to this conference. I scrounged to find cheap tickets and now I’m at the pros/cons place of decision-making and I don’t know where I’ll end up with that. All I know is, this is going to be unbelievable! 70+ speakers of the highest quality, a hymn sing from some of the best musicians, and two additional seminars (one on hell and the other on being missional in cities)… this is an event I want to be a part of!!

alright now,

let LOVE fly like cRaZy!

lovely links

I’m about ready to call it a night. If you read my last post, you might be surprised to know that the disaster on my bedroom floor has not resolved itself. In fact, it has somehow worsened.

I don’t mind.

I just want to leave you some encouragement tonight by way of some links. I hope this Sunday evening finds you tucked inside a well-worn love.

Sara Groves has started the “season of giving” early with her live Christmas CD, recorded at a women’s prison in Illinois. You can download the whole CD of goodness from her website.

Part of the reason for the creative mess on my floor is this idea I got from my roommate: art journaling and altered books. I know it’s probably been around the craft block several times and I’m new on this street, but I LOVE this idea. I will be working on some versions for Christmas presents, even though I am finding they take a LOT of work!

This last link is one I plan to muse on more later. I love the Gospel Coalition, as you might know, but especially the recent talk of art and its place in the church. I’m kind of chewing on some of the same questions and these insights are so helpful as I dig deep to know what is the heart of God in this. Here is the article, titled, “Art For, From, and Facing the Church.”

Hope you start your Monday off

letting LOVE fly like cRaZy