weekend respite

I’m off to a remote cabin today. On a little dirt road near a little town in Texas… and I couldn’t be more excited. Well, if not for my sore muscles and sleep-deprivation, I could probably show a little more enthusiasm. I am excited, though, because a road trip means precious thinking time. I can’t bury myself in a book or get distracted by something on a to-do list… road trips have a way of keeping one still.

Since this cabin is tucked into a valley of the west Texas hill country, I won’t be writing on a computer or talking on the phone. But, I hope to venture off like my friends Thoreau and Emerson… where I will purpose to be intentional about my thinking and determined about my reflection. I can always anticipate meeting God when I leave the distractions of this world. I’m sure this will be no different.

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