Adventures of the Life I Wish I Led: Part 1

These adventures are purely fictional and are meant to represent what my life would look like if wishes did come true. I make no attempt at ‘realistic,’ but I do hope you enjoy my dreaming!

I woke up this morning in a familiar bed, reminded of my previous day’s adventures by the soreness in my calves. What was it I did? Oh, yes! I met family in Michigan for a bit of dune-hiking and para-sailing.

I shook off the blurried haze of morning from my well-slept eyes and tried to focus on today. Sometimes it’s hard jumping time-zones and cultures overnight, but I’m used to it by now. After three years of nearly straight travel, I appreciate two things: my willing, adventurous travel partner Jeremy and my pilot’s license. I knew the moment I met Jeremy he’d be pretty handy, but the pilot’s license was more of a whim than anything else. And boy! has that made our travels easier!

After a brief nostalgic escape, I realize that it’s almost 6 am and the children will be rousing soon. I grab my granolas (the endearing, earthy ensembles I wear ‘in the field’) and rush out to meet the first rays of sun on the Honduran horizon. I almost danced with the light glinting off the windows of our house, but remembered my morning task to prepare the meeting house for teaching. I jumped back inside for a quick scrub down, whisked a toothbrush across the pearly whites, and set off in the direction of the meeting house.

On my way, I spotted the early risers tending the chickens and gathering fresh fruits for the mid-day meal. I saw Jeremy and lingered a few moments to silently praise his tender efforts with widows in our village. He woke long before the sun to fix the stubborn community water spout that had been unresponsive to our most insistent coaxing.

I finally reached the meeting house and my hands began the methodical scurry around the room: tidying, arranging, and re-stocking. I made a mental note to order more pencils and to request more current maps for the walls. Just yesterday we loaded the plane with another round of supplies, but the needs always seemed to exceed the supply.

After the meeting room was in order, I went a few doors down to ask Esmy for a fresh bouquet of flowers. She was expecting me, and had already arranged a gorgeous spread on her table. I replaced the bouquet in the meeting house and went to meet Jeremy.

We always had breakfast at 7:15 a.m. and thank goodness for simplicity – for we had little time to prepare. After our rice and beans, we prayed over the village, our teaching ministry, and all of Jeremy’s patients. The day had officially begun!

Here’s part II.

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