Advice for Saturdays

I’ve been thinking a lot about Saturdays. Actually, I’ve been thinking about how I disappoint myself with how I choose to spend my time.

Have you ever said to yourself, “If I only had 3 spare hours to myself. Oh! That would just be glorious! I would do all these wonderful productive things like learn the mandolin and sew some stockings and paint and write a novel.” ?

Well, I have said such things many times, but then when the opportunity comes – in 3 hour or 1 week fragments – I inevitably choose the most unproductive things. Like watching crime shows on tv and checking updates on facebook.

My housemates have been gone for the past two weeks. The first week was rough because I let the ‘inevitable’ happen. The second week has been a great adventure because I have met the inevitable with determination and purpose. I think one of the easiest days to rationalize un-productivity is Saturday, so I just wanted to drop a few tips (especially for the singles out there:) so that you can hit the pillow smiling.

1. Meet up with people
The best way to waste a Saturday is to not be accountable to anyone. I love to have at least 3 people that I plan to see to split up the day.

2. Make a list
I always get more accomplished when I have a list in front of me. Even if you know you won’t get to everything, it’s good to have goals! I also love to write down things that I’ve already finished, or almost finished so then I feel accomplished.

3. Do something practical
Sometimes I get so consumed by a creative project that I forget to do things like laundry and cleaning. Then, when Monday rolls around I am more stressed out than before. If I make sure to get some of the more practical things done between the creative and community, then I feel much better.

4. Be creative
I love to paint, but I rarely do. I also get crazy craft ideas, but seldom try them. I’ve learned that I have to be intentional about my creativity. The other day I wanted to make a graduation card for a friend, but I didn’t have any glue. So, I used ribbon, magazine clippings and construction paper and then sewed it all together. It had a very interesting effect… and I enjoyed it. Being creative doesn’t take a lot of energy, just intentionality.

5. Make someone else smile
This might be the biggest one. If you want to really, really love the day from beginning to end, make it about someone else.

Well, those are my tips. Here are some Saturday suggestions from ‘experts’ .. if you live in Northern Colorado. 🙂

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