Bethany Camp, Day One

Well, the first day of junior high week at Bethany Camp was fantastic. I love the energy at camp – the open air, familiar setting, and outstanding counselors probably have something to do with it. Each year I come back, I get hit a little harder with the homebug. There is so much irony wrapped up in my doing the missionary lessons at Bethany Camp. Bill and Treva Turpin started the camp years ago after returning from their missionary post in Indonesia. This faithful pair has paved the way for an amazing ministry and inspired many to pursue missions (myself being one of them).

I was so wrapped up in the day and missionary lessons that I forgot to take pictures, until swimming time. Today was a momentous swimming day at Bethany Camp as well. For the first time EVER the campers got to swim without leaving the property – the donated swimming pool is operational! Here are a few pictures of the event. Enjoy!

Director Extraordinaire (and my sweet bro!)
Swimmers READY.

JUMP in! (Notice infamous Jane Becker keeping things under control)

I’ll write more tomorrow!
Goodbye from Bethany Camp,

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