Bethany Camp, Day Two

Well, another day of sweetness out on the hill northeast of Brayton. These junior highers are getting some amazing teaching – in the morning from Ken Jordan and in the night from Casey Groves. I have such respect for both, who are passionately communicating the heart of God to these precious youngsters.

Yesterday in missionary time, we talked about what a missionary might pack in their luggage. Today, we talked about what the missionary would say once they arrived. The campers broke up into teams and with only duct tape they were given the task to create a tool that would communicate the Gospel message – from beginning to end. Why do we ever doubt creativity? Given a little encouragement, we shouldn’t be surprised to see great ideas.

Well, each group was certainly unique. One of the groups brought in some wood structures that were taller than I was! I’ll post more pictures tomorrow.

All in all, another great day. I can’t say how impressed I am with the counselors – truly blown away by their commitment and energy.

Tonight we (my faithful mom and I) spent making packages for the final day. All the ideas in my head never seem that hard, but it sure has taken some time to put everything together!

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