White Party 08!

This post was written my sister, Christina, as a guest post. She’s pretty incredible. 

A few weekends ago my amazing friend Just Jen threw herself a big old birthday party. The theme was “white party” modeled after the huge parties P Diddy throws every year. See picture.

So, she borrowed a sweet loft with a view of the capitol (amazzzzzing,) sent out beautiful invites, and hired a DJ to provide the music for her bash. In the weeks leading up to the event, I was so excited to help her ring in her 29th in style. In the DAYS leading up to it, though. I started remembering. That I’m not particularly cool. Anyway, a handful of my other good friends would be at the party, so I knew I’d at least have a few other people to chill with.

So, the night comes. Crystal and I spend the first part of the night at a rainy football game cheering on our cousin Vince (because we’re family- and that’s how we do 🙂 ) And quick changed at McDonald’s before heading over to the party. When we got there, there were folks in white chain smoking outside the building, along with a white tutu wearing free spirit, so I knew this was the place. We hopped on the elevator to take us up to the loft(along with the free spirit,) and when we got off the elevator, a sea of white awaited us! I was at once, elated for Jen that her dream of a white party had turned out so well, and terribly awkward. Not only do Jen’s friends tend to be really eclectic and cool, but also weirdly tall? I saw a few people I knew, that I went boating with this summer, and they apparently think I’m hilarious (yeah!,) but when people say that in conversation it always makes it pretty awkward. Like, Them- “hey! good to see you! when you left, we kept talking about how great and funny you are!” Me- “Wow, thanks! it was great to hang out with you too!” but then I feel the need to like, do stand up comedy or something! They thought I was so great next time! What did I do last time to be so funny? Can I think of something like that to do now? Ahh! Anyway, I said goodbye to those friends and bee lined to my friends Katie and Byron, who were thrilled to see some friends arrive. We chatted for awhile, tried to move around the party but avoid the dance floor. After awhile, hyped up on endorphins and awkward energy, I started getting in the mood. I started telling people funny stories, engaging strangers in conversation, and doing a little bit of dancing. Apparently my sweet moves were a hit, because yesterday this picture

hit the internet. Sigh. What can I say? I love to make people laugh. I love to be around people. And things that embarrass other people- I think are awesome.
So that’s the story of the white party!

Here’s a pic of Birthday girl Jen- with her painted lace glove! She had a body painter there who painted pearl necklaces, gloves, white tattoos, etc. So cool!

One thought on “White Party 08!

  1. just FYI – I was laughing out loud while reading this!! You are amazing – and I think you’re SO cool. Also I love the white party. Now I want to have one. 🙂

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