Weekly Lineup

(best lineup picture I could come up with)

Hello again! I hope you had an amazing week and weekend!

I found the most wonderful rest yesterday, which is why I did not quite get around to sending out the customary lineup. But, how about the random, surprises from last week? I’m even excited to read what shows up on our blog! We’re playing this thing like a duet and it keeps it interesting:)

Well, for this week we want to share some more stories, lessons, and insights.

Interview #2
This time around, we’ll interview Kathleen. I’m so excited to learn more about her – so learn with me about her life as nurse and cake decorator.

When more than miles separate…
So, the due date for my best friend’s baby has come and gone and I am waiting for any sort of word. In all the books and resources I’ve read about missions, culture shock always hits the top 10. Now I’m realizing that being separated from dear ones means more than missing conversations.

A Case of the Mahn-days
Monday or no, I seem to be having frequent days where I get discouraged. That scene from “Office Space” comes to mind, where the main character is trying to focus amidst layers of distractions. When he responds in short to the over-eager, colorful secretary she says, “Oh, does somebody have a case of the mahn-days?” In these discouraging times, I return to what I know and cling my fragile, little mind to the anchor of hope.

Something creative…
I’m not quite sure at this point, but you can count on Christina or I rolling out the creativity this week. It may be lesson plans or wall decorations or bathroom remodel or a clever conversation… but in some way or another the creativity is sure to appear!

Grab bag
Who knows – we’re good at random, so expect it!

That’s the lineup for this week. Hope you enjoy reading as much as we enjoy writing!

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