When more than miles separate…

So, my best friend Meg is having a baby. Nothing prepares you for the anticipation you feel when new life is about to begin (even when it’s your best friend!). These past few weeks, Meg has been on my mind and my heart… I’m praying for all the little details – that she won’t be eating fantastic chinese when she goes into labor, that she will be wearing comfortable shoes, that she will be randomly very close to the hospital. 🙂

But, really, as often as I think of her, I praise God for the new life He is bringing into this world. Last week, I started to feel the miles of separation when I realized how long it will be until I see her and the baby. I gave my mom the go ahead signal to send the package waiting at my house, but I still wanted her to know how much she’s been on my heart. So, on her due date, all my emotions worked themselves out in a song, which I composed with the help of my roommate Heather who can play a mad guitar. We recorded the song (entitled “Today’s Your Due Date”) onto my computer and then I called and left a skype message with the recording.

If I do say so, it was a brilliant success. The lyrics may not look like much, but the tune is kind of catchy! Picture this message sung on a skype voicemail:

I woke up this morning
with one thought on my mind
you’re about to be a momma
and I’m sure the greatest kind

today is your due date
but she may not be ready
your girl’s got a big heart
I’m just prayin’ it keeps beatin’ steady

this auntie can barely stand
the distance from your hand
and though I’m very far away
I know my prayers will reach you
and comfort you this day

I woke up this morning
you were on my mind
I’m sending you some Spanish love
to be right by your side

After power outages the past couple days, I just got word that we are praying for delivery tomorrow morning. Pray with me that the baby and mommy are healthy, that the doctors would have wisdom, and that Meg would rejoice in the blessing of new life! My dear kindred spirit Nicole has vowed to be my eyes and ears at the hospital – she told me she’s been carrying around a camera for a week, just in case! Oh, what blessings we have in friendships!

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