Fright stories… again

So, I quietly hoped moving to a different country would cure the irrational frights I frequently experience… or at least that I could start over with a new group of people who knew less about this absurdity.

Well, of course neither did I lose nor could I hide the unexplained outbursts at the sound of fireworks, a loud voice, dropped dish, or clapped hands. Within weeks of arrival, most of my co-workers and all my roommates knew I was prone to full collapse whenever startled. Still, I was holding out hope that my students would not find out.

Here are a few of the stories:
A couple weeks ago, we were outside and I was talking to a group of mischievous 10th students, when with no warning I hear “MISS NICHOLS” from behind. I immediately fall completely forward onto my knees (on the grass, thank goodness) in my skirt and heels. After feigning concern, they just roared. I knew from that point on, there was no turning back.

So, it didn’t surprise me when a couple days ago a student came up at the end of class wanting to show me a little toy. I immediately suspected foul play and asked him to shoot it first. All the kids were encouraging me and after he showed me how, I aimed at the wall and put the toy in front of him, so if any water shot back it would be in his face. But, then to my surprise a shock went through my fingertips and on the floor I went. Again with the roaring laughter.

It really is quite the endearing quality. Everyone seems very concerned as I try to get up from falling. But, it must just be too wonderful to watch me go down, because it just keeps happening:)

IN OTHER NEWS: Meg has a baby! I’ll write more on the details, but thank you for those who prayed!

One thought on “Fright stories… again

  1. It’s a good thing that you enjoy being the most awkward one in the room! ok, maybe enjoy is not the right word… are comfortable with it because it makes others feel more comfortable?

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