lights off

So, picture this: four girls huddled around a gas stove, roasting marshmallows on little wood skewers in an apartment completely candlelit. Tonight (and many times in the past few days) the power went out for several hours. No skype telephone calls, no internet updates, no microwave, no fridge, but a LOT of creative fun in the form of night frisbee, rummikub, and scattergories!

Tonight I realized again (as if I could forget) the insistence of competitive blood in my family. Well, I can’t really blame them – I can take full credit for arguing “rats” as farm animals and “stones” as something cold and arguing heatedly against other propositions. I think my sister-in-law put it best when she said our family can get passionate about anything… even if we’re not entirely sure or informed about said thing.

Well, all in all a good night was had. With six candles lining our dining room table, a headlamp, two flashlights, several cups of tea, and a few games we found unadulterated entertainment that I would highly recommend.

Just a note: If anyone knows or can find the OFFICIAL scattergories rules, can you please let me know!!

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