Weekly Lineup

Hello faithful friends and random readers! It hardly seems a week, but it’s going to start again whether we’re ready or not. You may have noticed last week that Christina was out of commission. I sure did! We kept missing each other… and I hate for our only communication across countries to be me badgering her about putting up a blog post. But, no worries, this week she’s back in action and you’ll find out what was holding things up.

God shows up in the small things
I guess small and large are all relative here, but either way I am amazed when God provides at exactly the right moments. Many times I find myself doubting His provision and filling my mind with back-up plans, but I’m always reminded that He is in control. Here are a few such stories…

For Sale
So, Christina had quite a week, much of it due to the neighborhood garage sale she decided to organize, completely solo, on top of her other mounting responsibilities and her new job.

Going to be aunties!!
You’ve already heard my excitement for Meg and Christina’s for Jared and Tina… there’s no way you can prepare for our excitement over our very own niece/nephew that is on the way! That’s right, our dear bro and sister-in-law are going to have a baby. I’m sure this will be the first of many posts about our prayers, hopes, and joys for our growing family!

Application to date my girls
Part of Christina’s great new gig is to disciple girls. Recently after a high school dance, her protective nature was appalled at the stories her girls told. So… she decided the next boys wanting to ask her little flock out on a date would have to go through a very intense application process.

Teacher vs. friend
I’m sure every teacher goes through the phase (and I don’t even have the technical training), where they try to find the boundary between teacher and friend. I’m finding myself in that place right now. Where I stand in front of my 10th graders and just think how much I would rather meet up with them on a Saturday then hand back a red ‘D’ on the top of their test.

That’s what we’ve got… be looking for an interview with Kathleen in the near future. And once again, if you have ideas, suggestions, questions, or if you have a random urge to be interviewed, let us know!!!

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