More Hugs to Honduras!

From Meagan and Myla in Western MI:
CARE BEAR (turtle).. happy belated birthday from meg and myla! myla is a little bit like her mommy in that she likes to be fashionably late (well.. 4 days overdue and she still didn’t want to come out..).. so it is only natural that we are late to wish you a HAPPY 24th.. but we LOVE auntie caroline SO much! Myla can’t wait to meet you. she loves her little turtle with your voice message in it and will definitely know you when she meets you in person because of it 🙂 she also wants to teach you a little bit about fashion.. specifically high heels. she may be a shorty like us so she already has heels. i told her about you not brining any heels to honduras with you and how i was trying to convince you that you should have at least ONE pair. maybe you have shopped by now though and gotten some. 🙂 although they probably won’t do you much good when you are doing crazy things like getting lost in the mountains. here is a pic of my in her “Heeliarious” high heels for babies. altough.. (yawn) she doesn’t seems too interested in them. maybe she is more like you than her mama 🙂 just thought you would get a laugh out of this.. a friend ordered them online after seeing them on the Today show and deciding that they were ridiculous but funny. Anyways.. sending love from our little west michigan corner of the world. we miss you around here and can’t wait to spend time at Christmas! lots of LOVE!!!

Meg and Myla xoxoxoxox

Jacqui from Columbus, OH:
So forgive me…I’m a day behind…but not because I wasn’t thinking of you yesterday. Amazing how whole days completely slip away from you!
I hope you had a fantastic birthday. And I remember you painting a “It’s Your Special Day” plate for my bachelorette party. So if you don’t have a special plate, you should get a paper plate and a marker and make yourself one. And remember, every day should be celebrated! And I know you do that so well.
Love Jacqui from Ohio!

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