Weekly Lineup

This week has been interesting. I’m late getting out the lineup because of a crazy weekend (and I’m excited to hear about Christina’s weekend too!). But, praise the Lord because there is blue sky and sunshine again in Honduras! Thank you for your prayers – things are drying out and the vitamin D is doing wonders.

This week should be great – here’s a sneak peek of what we think we’ll write about ;). Be blessed today!

Blitz Update
So, you heard the exciting news from Caroline’s busy week, but follow up Christina and her busy Friday. By the numbers looked exhausting, but I’m sure the Lord worked in marvelous ways!

Ordinary vs. Extraordinary
Read Caroline’s thoughts on how God calls us to live each ordinary day as unto Him. Not all of us are called to be Mother Theresas. Sometimes God ministers through the most ordinary of people in the most ordinary of ways. What should our lives look like if we’re not extraordinary?

Being a Christian is not always about being good
Find out what Christina has to say about this… I’m interested to know (still!).

the stronghold of self-pity
The world loves it when we feel bad about ourselves. There are all sorts of antidotes – movies, chocolate, gossip – but none that satisfy.

After the Election
What to do now? What’s done is done and now we face again our responsibility as citizens to be active participants and keep our government accountable. Where do we go from here?

GraB bAg
As always, look for things out of the ordinary!

We love to hear from you, so keep those comments coming!

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