New Honduran Horizon!

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These last few weeks have been such a whirlwind. I’m still wondering how time can seem to stand still each day and whisk by each week. Sometimes I feel like I’ve just arrived and other days I feel like I’m at home.

My heart is broken for my students, many who are searching for something that will fill up the holes in their lives. For some it’s drinking, for others it’s friends, and still others turn inward when life turns cruel. I have learned, though, that love is not soft. Love is a very sturdy object, anchored in Truth and pointing to Hope that does not disappoint. Try explaining that to a distressed student who just received a detention for talking in my class… again.

My heart also breaks for the broken humanity that greets the morning in this country. Children, women, men, mothers, daughters, brothers, graduates, schoolteachers… poverty knows few boundaries and brings humanity to dreadful ends.

Today, after a rough run-in with 7th and 8th graders, I found myself (the Counselor) being counseled by our Dean of Students. I suppose he saw I was a bit depleted. What started out as a good idea (fundraising competition for the women’s shelter) turned into students’ decision to stop at nothing to win. Every opportunity we see for blessing, Satan sees an opportunity for sin. Our enemy will always send his legions to frustrate the plans to bless others.

May our hearts always break at broken humanity. I’m no less broken than these students and these battles should always, always send me to my knees.

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