Parties are Exhausting!

I’ve never thought of myself as the best host, but I am usually pretty good at being busy. Well, this past Saturday we hosted the staff Christmas party (my invitation above) in our apartment and I was certainly busy! We went to the market in the morning and then didn’t stop running around until after 9:30 pm (that’s late, by the way, for all you youngsters!).

Apparently, we inherited the tradition of hosting the Christmas party when we moved in to the apartment. However, no one thought to mention that to us as we sifted through all the leftover articles of clothing, christmas lights, and random decorations shoved in the closets… so we threw them out! Instead of buying more decorations, we went on a thieving spree a couple hours before the party … we picked up trees and decorations from here and there and ended up with quite an endearing display!

We made dozens and dozens of sugar cookies with four different colors of frosting. Every Christmas party needs a cookie decorating contest!

Cutting out cookies definitely reminded me of home… all those sweet memories of getting creamed in the decorating contests just drifted back to me. This year, I’m hoping for a close second place (I usually take 4th or 5th out of 5, but I’m convinced last year the judges were tricked).

Out of all the wacky Christmas attire, this definitely beat all. These girls WERE the gifts. We had a talent show, where they performed a Christmas medley dancing number brilliantly, and for which I introduced them as, “your gift for the evening.”

Heather and I whipped up our little rendition of Let it Snow (Let it Glow) which we thought was pretty stellar for a 5 minute prep time. And I’m pretty sure I can say that a fun time was had by all. Near the end of the night, after the cookies were judged, food eaten, and talents shown, we somehow real naturally moved into a time of worship with guitar and hand drum. We sang, danced, and grooved for awhile, just loving in this blessed community.

What a great way to start this season! Have you had any Christmas parties? What is your secret to hosting?

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