‘Twas the month before Christmas…

James Elrod, one of the new teachers here at Pinares, graced us with this poem at the Christmas party this past Saturday. I thought it was worth sharing! It gives a great picture of some of the comical, frustrating, and endearing things about life here.


‘Twas the month before Christmas and all through the fog

Not a creature was stirring, not even a dog.

The bookbags were hung in the lockers with care

In hopes that the homework would do itself there.

The Meesters and Meeses were starting to wane,

So ready to trade knee-deep snow for the rain,

And up on the mountain Pinares stood still.

Who, in God’s name, builds a school on a hill

Where it sits in a cloud for days upon days

Until it feels like the sun was only a phase?

The lights all a-flicker; we smell like King Kong.

“The power is on! Oh wait, we were wrong.”

Mittens and scarves and jackets galore,

I sleep with four blankets but I’m looking for more.

Some teachers are saying this season won’t last,

That this is way worse than it’s been in the past.

Pretty soon we’ll be praying for coolness and breeze,

But I’m already checking the prices of skis.

I’d fly down the mountain to kilometer nine,

Past Rapiditos to the house that is mine,

Look out for the dog who is preggers again;

It’s about time that they build her that pen.

But I have digressed from the topic at hand;

We were waiting for Santa, but he has been banned.

Then who has been eating the cookies and cream?

I turn on the light, and I let out a scream!

The roaches all scurry; there’s crumbs on the plate;

The power goes off; I start cursing my fate.

I hike up the mountain, grab the library key,

Fill bottles with water, drink up, and then pee.

I can’t make my tea on an electric range.

I try using candles; I must be deranged.

I feel moments away from a panic attack.

“Don’t be so dramatic; this isn’t Iraq.”

At least break is coming: a beacon of light.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!


What would you write in Christmas poem?

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