Hogar de Madres Solteras

So, this past week we had a Christmas party for the Hogar de Madres Solteras (Home for Single Mothers), which is a refuge just down the road from our school. We have a unique opportunity to get to know these ladies and their precious little ones and I believe God is opening doors for that to happen right now.

I wish I had time to write more, for now here are some pictures:

The girls made and decorated cookies

This is my wonderful friend Alfredo!! His mom Santos came to our school for the Christmas concert because we invited the ladies to sell some of their jewelry. I never had so much fun chasing someone down!

This is Jensi, her daughter Marjorie, Santos, and Alfred at the jewelry stand. It was so great to see the students, families, and teachers see these women and their work.

It’s so crazy to think that these little girls have little ones of their own!

The 11th grade girls are heading up the outreach – and I’m pretty sure they are never disappointed with how the Lord shows up (especially if its in the form of a sleeping little one!)

There were games and a candy cane message.

And lots of entertaining! Alfred LOVES to jump!

Like I said, I could write forever, but this is all for tonight. If you’re interested in finding out more about this special place, please let me know!

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