feeling a bit fragile

I’m in a box with a worn, engine-red FRAGILE sticker clinging to the corrugated cardboard.

Okay, so it may not be that dramatic. But, as I try to pack my thoughts with my Christmas gifts, between the few clothes I’m bringing back to the States, I’m wondering just how this transition will go.

For two weeks, more or less, I’ll be in the US of A. I’ll be hearing English everywhere, zipping around in cars driving at reasonable speeds, and (heaven forbid) stopping at stop signs.

Just this evening a family from church invited Heather and I to dinner. We knew they would ask our preference for the restaurant, but like any good guest we deferred … which is why we ended up eating at Chili’s for the first time since we’ve been here. When the server gave us our menus, I didn’t know what to do: SO MANY CHOICES!

I’ve heard that going back to the States can be a shock. Some of my friends here said they stood in front of the chip aisle for 20 minutes, just to stare at all the options and then she couldn’t decide on anything. Another friend had a similar problem with Cheez-its. It may hit me in the cereal aisle, I don’t know.

It seems so strange to jump in and out of life within a matter of weeks. I feel I’m finally getting accustomed to a certain routine, to my role exactly where God has placed me for this time. It’s funny because modern technology continues to make the miles smaller and smaller. A few decades ago, someone doing what I am doing would have to wait months for mail (well, I still do sometimes) and might be lucky to make the occasional phone call.

Now, I sit here writing on my laptop and checking to see if anyone is available to talk on skype. How things change! In some ways the technology makes it easier to be away from the ones I love and in other ways the option of travel makes it harder to set my feet firmly on this Honduran ground.

One thing I’m not confused about: my anticipation in seeing my family! I am full of joy already at the thought! I better finish up tonight before I get too soft.

Do you have any advice for re-entry? Post it here!

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