typical TIH moment

Today was the last day … I leave tomorrow for Iowa and it is so surreal. I’ve never been on the receiving end of the Christmas tradition in the education system. I always saw my mom bring home cute figurines, generously decorated mugs, and an assortment of holiday sweets, but I never thought I would be receiving similar gifts. But, today the students came with anything from mugs to candy to jewelry to hand-made cards – so generous and so lovely!

One of the wonderful 7th graders brought me a basket with apples, grapes, and a bottle of Welch’s sparkling grape juice. The apples, I later found out, are a Honduran tradition from the 50s when only the upper classes could afford them. They would purchase apples and give them to workers as a gift and it caught on as a tradition and now apples are a common Christmas gift.

Anyway, I thought tonight was just the evening to toast with my roommates, after our first couple months successfully behind us. We poured out the bubbly into our newly purchased real cup and saucer set (we got a 20 piece kitchen set at the grocery store!) and raised for my long-winded toast. Just as we put the teacups to our lips for a sip, the power promptly shut off.

We could barely keep it down we were laughing so hard! It was SO typical Honduras – a TIH (this is honduras) moment! We went through the apartment ceremoniously lighting all the candles we received today, knowing this would be the only time we could actually use Christmas tree candles before next year. The power outages don’t bother me, really. There is ALWAYS some fun to find in the darkness!

Well, my packing took me a whole 15 minutes, so I hope I’ve not forgotten anything. I will see some of you very soon… and I will try my very hardest to keep this up while I’m traveling and enjoying time in the States.

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