after a long hiatus

Who knows… maybe no one was missing this little blog but me. Either way, I’m glad to sense the start of routine… back in my room in my apartment in Honduras, after almost 24 straight hours of travel (and before that several days traveling from Colorado, Iowa, and Michigan)!

I made it and it feels good to be back. I had some time in my traveling to think about the break, read, and think some more and (thanks largely to Franchis Chan’s new book Crazy Love) I’ve come to some sad, drastic conclusions. Forget New Year’s resolutions… I’m humbled by each chapter in Crazy Love as I examine my life and the countless times I’ve chosen lukewarm.

As I think back on my amazing Christmas break with family and friends… and before that to my first semester here, I know I didn’t wake up each day with eternity in mind. I’d like to think I do. I wish I did. But the truth is, I don’t.

So, these next couple months, I’m going to be purposeful about living as though I BELIEVE God is who He says He is… and that eternity IS always before me. I’m only on Chapter 5, but I’m praying God sparks revolution in my heart.

If that sounded a bit haphazard, it is. I’m still recuperating.

Here are a few pictures from my break.

I’ll write more soon – I can’t even stand to think how far behind I will be when I get up tomorrow… but that’s the way it goes. LOVE YOU ALL!

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