crazy love

This is one picture I can’t bear to pass up. I got to spend some sweet time with Myla Paige over break… and also her mom (my best friend from college) and pop. Holding that sweet, darling girl, watching her smile and dance… I wondered how God must feel about His children… how much more passionate and intimate He must know us.

For a variety of reasons, I’ve been hit with conviction upon conviction coming out of break and back into life here. I have kind of promised myself to get “up and running” on a lot of things, including this blog. I am a bit behind in, well, a lot of things and unfortunately jotting down my thoughts is not at the top of my list.

In the meantime, I want to recommend this sweet book by Francis Chan that has left any trace of New Year’s resolutions in a sorry heap at the back of my mind. I have been challenged to think about what exactly in this moment is eternally significant. What am I doing that will effect eternity?

i am a dreamer. a long term visionary.

But where does that leave the souls of the people who are searching for light right now?

I desperately want to live a radical life, but at the same time the devil has been so deceptive in claiming small, rationalized pieces of this little life puzzle.

One of the strongest (and yet simplest) realizations has been that my resolve for discipline has absolutely nothing to do with my being a true disciple. If I purpose to run after God as the Ultimate, Only, and Perfect prize, then discipline will naturally follow.

I forget that my willpower is definitely overrated.

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