Honduran Horizon (late for February!)

I’m late. I hate making excuses and apologies for this … so I’m going to skip it.

This month has been an absolute craziness. Sometimes I can’t believe I’ve been here seven months already and other times I am frustrated that it seems I’m only at the beginning. Regardless, I am learning and growing and living. I think that’s pretty important – the living part.

I’m trying to do a good amount of living without letting other things get in the way, like disappointment and Debbie Downers. Have you ever looked around and noticed how many things try to steal your joy?

That’s been in a lot of my counseling sessions lately, “Are you going to let that steal your joy?” I guess it’s good to repeat because I remind myself at the same time!

Well, I hope you enjoy this edition of Honduran Horizon. As always, just click on this image or this link and then click on February 2009. Let me know what you think! Hopefully it was worth waiting for!

2 thoughts on “Honduran Horizon (late for February!)

  1. Just wanted to say thanks. As a former Pinares teacher I really enjoy reading what you write and keeping up with what is going on.Blessings…

  2. Thanks Mark!It’s encouraging to hear from you … seeing how many people God is using to plant, water, grow here in Tegus and at ALP.Dios de Bendiga!

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