thoughts on a tuesday

These past two days have been beautiful. For some reason, my alarm is not working, but the Lord has been waking me up around 4 am to just watch as He awakens the world. What a gift.

I am thankful… so very thankful for hazy light that meets me on the mountain with morning. I drink in the dew of His mercies that are new each and every day. What great love!

With my girls in Bible study tonight, we talked about the power of the Holy Spirit. Even as I spoke it, I felt crumbled in front of such a holy, powerful throne. This Almight, Infinite Creator of Heaven and Earth who conquered death has offered to make the same power alive in my life to draw others to the Kingdom and proclaim glory to His name. What a magnificent offering!

I’m overwhelmed.

Sometimes I feel foolish for not believing that this same Lord with endless power can conquer the piddly things I fear. God IS INDEED great and can accomplish far beyond what we can even fathom. I am praying that he helps my unbelief.

Along the journey, God is gracious to give new inspiration. Music is one of those beautiful things to me. Here is an artist to whom I thank for a week of inspiration and encouragement. I’m not sure how you say his last name, but Aaron Roche has for sure earned a place on my “favorites” list.

Here’s his myspace page: Aaron Roche

I might specifically suggest the “Psalm for Jon and Erin” … if you wait til the end there is a gorgeous woman’s voice reading scripture from Psalms. It gets me every time – putting me at the feet of a tender, gray-haired woman with authority in her voice. Enjoy!

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