pizzas and plenty

Tonight a window opened.

A couple days ago, I re-connected with some students who have been really precious to me this year. In the shuffle of ever-changing job descriptions, my stress at what to “be” to students in different settings, and a very random schedule, I neglected to give them the heart time they needed and I love so much.

So, tonight I invited them for dinner at my place. You know, of the home-cooked variety? I had a meeting for Hands and Feet after school and then rushed home to make dough from scratch for mini-pizzas (which was its own adventure… had to borrow flour and then borrow again when I realized the first was corn flour). I cut up veggies, minced garlic, and shredded chicken, let the dough rise, formed pizzas, cooked crust… and then waited. and waited. and waited.

I knew Honduran time was different, but I hadn’t planned for 1 1/2 hours! When they finally arrived, it kind of worked like one of those unrealistic cooking shows. You know the kind, right? Oh, just throw on a little of this and put it in the oven… and I actually have here the bread after its risen. A few minutes later, you’re ready to eat. Well, this time it DID work like that.

“Alright, girls lets make our pizzas!”

Two seconds later…
“Well, I actually have a few already finished!”

I highly suggest this tactic for hosting – way less stressful!


Maria Jose

We had such a wonderful time of just laughing and chatting and fellowship. I can’t believe what an amazing gift we have in fellowship. Truly. Though I might consider myself a closet introvert, these times of relationship with my girls simply could not get any better.

One thought on “pizzas and plenty

  1. Your girls are truly blessed by your hospitality Caroline! As I look at the pictures of them putting together their pizzas, I can’t help but think of you and your siblings decorating cookies together many Christmases. You have a gift for taking ordinary circumstances and making them extraordinary! Love you!

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