Honduran Horizon – JULY!

It almost passed by without as much as an email or blog post… but I just couldn’t do it. July was just too wonderful to not commemorate with a newsletter. So, even though it is a little late, I hope you will enjoy this edition of the Honduran Horizon newsletter.
Click on this link or the picture below to go to the newsletter page.

Highlights of the past couple weeks:
I am settling into my new apartment in the city and I absolutely LOVE it. I love the nearness to so many places, the people I can call neighbors, the Spanish practice (that is now 24/7), and mostly the feeling that I am a part of this place.

I have to share this short anecdote:
In the process of moving all of my stuff from the top of the mountain into the city (picture the most precarious pile of belongings hoisted, shoved, and stacked … with bits of nylon rope to secure everything in place … on top of a beater pick-up truck driving at questionable speeds down a curving mountain road), I forgot some things. I figured I could gather most of the things I forgot and drive them down in a couple days, but my hangers I could not do without. So I took the little bus up the mountain and found my giant bunch of hangers, tied together with a useful piece of nylon rope, and made my way back to my unpacked suitcases. I jumped off the busito at the base of the mountain and started walking toward my new place, when I saw a woman on the sidewalk. We exchanged the expected, “Hola, buenos dias” and as I was moving on my way, she pointed to my bundle of hangers and said, “Se vende?” Yep, that’s right, she was wanting to buy hangers from me. I was so shocked at the question I’m not sure what I mumbled, but I do remember being so excited that I fit that well into the city landscape that I would be confused as a vendor!

I am now a confident driver on the Honduran roadways! I am so thankful (not proud, mind you – because my safety has nothing to do with me, I’m convinced!) that God has been gracious in this learning process and I continue to begin every road trip with a short prayer that it be in His hands and timing.

I am working on Bible studies, service plans, and student contact… everything bundled into a great adventure I am setting out on with my Prince (the way I affectionately call my Lord now, after reading Authentic Beauty by Leslie Ludy).

Well, this has to be all for now, but expect many, more frequent updates my friends! I am back in action and I have missed writing. I do not feel guilty, however, when I go on blog-strike (which usually happens when I return to my Iowa home) because I know it means I am focusing on the face-to-face … and finding joy there is so beautiful!

Blessings to each one of you today!

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