a few things I’ve failed at

1. angel food cake
2. deadlines
3. sewing projects
4. punctuality
5. temper
6. grudges
7. commitments
8. making correct change
9. understanding mumbling taxi drivers
10. being 100% honest with myself and others
11. thoughts free of judgment
12. using circumstances to get ahead
13. letting someone look bad so I look good
14. never procrastinating
15. talking about doing good less than actually doing good

this is simultaneously liberating and gross… my point is summed up in this quote from a John Piper sermon,

“…mercy comes from a heart that has first felt its spiritual bankruptcy, and has come to grief over its sin, and has learned to wait meekly for the timing of the Lord…”

Tonight I’m taking stock of my accounts – really looking things over and tallying and adding and crunching numbers like my college level statistics course taught me well. No matter how I crunch it, I come up with the same spiritual sum: bankrupt.

I am so thankful God can take an admission of spiritual bankruptcy and use it to show us how merciful He is… in turn allowing us to be truly merciful to others.

Tomorrow is a new day, folks.

3 thoughts on “a few things I’ve failed at

  1. Oh boy, can I relate! I love the Piper quote! We are so blessed to serve a loving and merciful God who not only began a good work in us but will complete it! To God be the glory! By the way…I miss you…think about you and pray for you often!! 😀

  2. Thanks Debbie! I miss you too! I am excited to re-connect at Christmas:)

    Praise God for HIS faithfulness, completely! Well, thanks for your love and prayers.. I think of you often as well and listen to sermons from EFree, which makes iowa feel so much closer!

  3. care I love you! I am encouraged and challenged by your words. one of the best things is to admit our faults out loud. you have grown so much. lately i wish i could hop on a plane and head to honduras. I would love to see what you are doing, and how God is moving.

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