Days I hate being a girl (youth worker)

Christina here, guest-blogging for Caroline. An annoyance of today turned into a little bit of a rant, but it’s a glimpse into my life, so enjoy! Feel free to comment about what bugs you about being a girl today!

-Days when you’re in a business conversation with someone and they can’t keep their eyes off your chest. Even though you’re very modestly dressed. And your guy coworkers notice this exchange. Awkward and disgusting.
-Days when I can’t walk as fast as my (guy) coworkers because I like to wear heels and not tennis shoes
-Days when I have to worry about why the sophomore boys want to hug me.
-Days when I have to hear about pooping more than I’d like (aka any.)
-Days when we are going swimming and I have to spend lots of time finding a modest-enough swimsuit to be around high school boys. AKA usually a tank top and shorts. While my co-workers run around shirtless.
-Days when I start making lists in my head because the topic of conversation turns to MMA. Again. 🙂

There are also MANY days I absolutely love being a girl (youth worker.) But today is not necessarily one of those days.

5 thoughts on “Days I hate being a girl (youth worker)

  1. At least there’s not the drama of a female staff. Or tears (oh wait, you probably would like to cry with women). Well, so maybe being the only female in a group has its disadvantages.
    While we could attempt to have those conversations without you, I’d rather not leave you hanging, plus it wouldn’t be as much fun without you.

  2. seriously! I know what you mean when you’re talking to a man (good, Christian man) and you are having an inner conversation about where their eyes are going.

    other girl annoyances: weird things you do are blamed (either by you or others) on the fact that you are “a woman” and for no other reason. while this might be true, it frustrates me that my woman-ness becomes such a scapegoat:)

  3. I see all of these annoyances and totally agree, but it makes me think too about the amazing impact you are having with the girls in your group and the guys. The girls get to see what it looks like for a woman to pursue Christ and put God first in everything–in the way you dress, the way you speak, the way you carry yourself around men, the way you interact with your staff team. The guys in your group get to see an example of a woman who pursue Christ and in that see a standard they should set for the women they pursue in the future. It’s hard, but the example you set and the truth you speak into both, guys and girls, will be priceless wisdom gained.

  4. I totally agree with what Kaci said! Christina, you are a rare gem and we love you a ton!

    Now, there are definitely annoyances with being a girl in my household at times! Then again, I’m the queen of the castle and I’m guessing the staff pretty much treats you like a princess!

  5. Christina, great post. A friend of yours pointed me to your essay because we are doing a focus on women in youth minsitry at our site “Rethinking Youth Ministry. We’d love to reprint your post in full as a “guest blogger” post and provide a link back to your blog. If interested, you can find us at

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