dream squashers

Alright, folks. I’m losing steam. Something has GOT to be wrong when I sit down at 7 pm and all I want to do is crawl under my covers with a warm mug of tea and drift off where it is safer. Where dream squashers can’t find me.

Do you know what I mean when I say dream squashers?
These creepy, powerful things sneak up without warning and the antidote is extremely illusive. These dream squashers are not necessarily people or institutions or conversations. But, then again, they can be found in all these things.

Dream squashers make their way into your mind and then let loose on your dreams with a mallet like that childhood game of Whac-A-Mole. Every time a dream pops up through the tedious surface of everyday, a dream squasher is there with a heavy mallet to end whatever hope of life the dream ever had.

Do you know of these dream squashers? They are evil little things. Sometimes they’ve got the dream squashed before I can ever really get my hands on what it is exactly. Other times the dream has mysteriously crept past the menacing mallet so I can see it in full view… only to watch the dreadful sight as it is destroyed entirely.

Of my dream squashers, I am aware of several: doubt, busy-ness, hopelessness, resources, inadequacy, the little voice that says, “you shoot too darn high,” peers, the status quo, adulthood, students, maturity, procrastination, laziness, tiredness, facebook, envy, pride, fear, FEAR is a big one

Let me bring it around… all the way around so I can look my dream squashers right in their mallet clinching faces. If I’m honest, then sometimes all my dreams conspire together in my mind to squash everything just for some peace and quiet.

For the past couple days, I’ve felt a bit this way. Last night, I came home from parent-teacher conferences with a solid list of 5 things to do. FIVE things in the course of several hours did not seem too much to ask. But, there I collapsed on my bed with the champion dream squasher cheering itself in the quiet of my mind where no more dreams of world changing could erupt. Maybe that’s why I’ve been so tired… maybe coming up with dreams and then watching them get squashed is very draining on one’s spirit. I’m not sure, I just know I don’t like dream squashers one bit.

As a direct challenge to all those sneaky devils, I’m posting this video in favor of a brilliant movement called Advent Conspiracy. It’s made me dream about how I can make this Christmas less about consumption and more about compassion.

Will you help me defy the dream squashers??

4 thoughts on “dream squashers

  1. Sometimes the best way to fight dream squashers is to rest. Physically, spiritually, emotionally. After a period of rest, then you are better equipped for the spiritual battle (which is of course what dream squashing is all about).

  2. Mom, as always, thanks for the solid words of wisdom. Chelsea… I’m completely obsessed with this idea! I love you so much too! When are you leaving for Africa/how long will you be gone? And also – can I “buy” some jewelry to support your trip?

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