I slept at my neighbor’s friday night

The explanation is too much for 10:30 pm to handle, but I will give the short version. Friday night we had an outreach event for 7-9 grades. The theme was video games (I have no idea why) and we were supposed to come dressed as characters. I (having no knowledge whatsoever and am still truly thankful) decided to dress as Mario and I recruited some 9th graders to join me in my shenanigans (below).The night was beautiful. Crazy fun times playing games, lots of laughter, almost 70 kids showed up (a surprise from the mere 20 that actually signed up). A valiant 9th grader gave the message about what it means to understand how great our Father’s love is for us… and how we should move on from merely speaking our salvation to experiencing the abundant life God is waiting to give us. Everything – even the bus ride down the mountain – was beautiful.

And then I walked the short distance from the street to my house and realized I didn’t have my house keys.

My roommate was gone and wouldn’t be back until very late.

Oh, yes, I’m still in my Mario outfit.

So, I leave my two bags at my neighbor’s house (with whom I’ve exchanged merely neighborly conversation) and set out to waste a bit of time at the grocery store. Until it closed at 9:00 pm.

I sat out on the stoop for awhile. Thinking, dozing, and wondering if I looked like a homeless person.

Then at 10:20 I finally realized it would make much more sense to wait inside than out, so I rang my neighbor’s bell. I knew they were awake because I’d been hearing the television the whole time I was on the stoop. They are a bit older and like to listen to their TV slightly above a ‘reasonable volume.’ So, in I went to watch Spanish dubbed movies and drink peach sweetened tea until 12 midnight when we kind of looked at each other and said, “well, what should we do?”

Long story short, I slept in their spare bedroom (which hadn’t been used in years). During the whole ordeal, I was thinking “how awkward is this!” But, you know what? I was also thinking, “Man, I live here. I really live here and I really awkwardly spent the night at my neighbor’s house.” I kinda dig it.

Oh, I must add a little note: Yesterday, I met up with three students to make sushi and then conspire over Christmas gifts (www.adventconspiracy.org). We started at 12:30. I got back this morning at 8:30 am. Whew!

Tonight I will sleep in my bed!

3 thoughts on “I slept at my neighbor’s friday night

  1. your mom caution is duly noted 😉 and I’m wondering what is so obvious that I WOULD do: dress up as Mario, parade around my neighborhood in said costume, or sleep at my aging neighbor’s house in a guest room that hadn’t been opened in years? Oh yes, probably all of the above! 🙂

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